About Us

We are an Australian-based team of marketing professionals dedicated to achieving excellent results for our clients. With a focus on team-work and continual professional development, every individual at The Arrow Agency is on a mission to better themselves and our service offering.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To re-define industry standards; delighting every client with tangible results and building relationships based on trust.

Our Mission

We deliver lead-generation strategies that turn aspirations into reality for service-based business owners.

Embracing a ‘people-first’ approach, we strive to empower clients with knowledge as well as deliver results that drive shared growth.

Meet the Team

Helena Tivey

Helena Tivey

Co-Founder and Managing Director
Business Development and Media Strategy

With 15+ years in the media and marketing landscape Helena has a deep understanding of Advertising and consumer behaviours. A strategic thinker she likes to analyse everything and is always asking ‘why’.

Helena’s drive in co-founding The Arrow Agency comes in 2 parts. She is passionate about helping businesses grow with a focus on the client’s needs and objectives. From years in the industry she has seen it all, good and bad, and feels strongly about transparency and working in the best interest of the client. Helena is also passionate about work life balance and providing a workplace promoting balance and empowering others to take control of their careers, goals and lifestyles.

In her spare time (not really her spare time) you can find Helena driving her kids around to various activities, on the sideline of the soccer field or food prepping for her 3 boys that eat non stop. She loves a good podcast and keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends.

Emily Williams

Co-Founder and Managing Director
Operations and Digital Strategy

Having worked in the marketing departments of small and large businesses for 10+ years, Emily understands what it’s like to sit on the other side of agency presentations. Working across various industries including FMCGs, food & agribusiness, service and more, she has had a unique and varied insight into best practices and winning strategies.

Witnessing first-hand the poor service, hard sales tactics and cookie-cutter approaches that dominate the marketing industry, Emily was inspired to co-found The Arrow Agency to offer a model that truly serves the client.

Emily’s passion lies in the digital space with a special interest in marketing automation and lead funnel development. In her spare time you can find Emily at the gym, on adventures with her husband or researching new ad spend techniques!

Emily Williams
Helena Tivey

Nic Butler

Digital Strategist

Meet Nic, our Digital Strategist extraordinaire! With a Commerce degree in his back pocket and a profound tech-savvy mindset, Nic is driven by his unwavering passion for marketing. Born in the UK and raised in the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, he now calls the sunny Sunshine Coast home, where he resides with his family.

Nic doesn’t just excel in the digital realm; he thrives in it. His experience and qualifications have honed his expertise in crafting winning strategies for businesses. But, beyond his digital prowess, Nic is a dedicated soccer fanatic. When he’s not helping businesses grow, you’ll find him on the soccer field, both as a player and a mentor to under-15s, sharing his love for the sport.

Summer McGladrigan

Graphic Designer

Meet Summer, our Graphic Design extraordinaire! With a degree in Design & Marketing with a major in web design from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Summer brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to our team.

Hailing from the picturesque Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Summer’s passion lies in all things design. Whether it’s crafting eye-catching graphics, designing stunning websites, creating captivating ads, or even delving into custom design, Summer’s artistic talents know no bounds.

But Summer’s creativity doesn’t stop at her Mac. She has a wanderlust for travel, especially within Australia, and a special affinity for the snow, where she’s an avid snowboarder. When she’s not pushing the boundaries of design, you’ll find her at pilates, on the oztag field, riding the waves or sipping on copious cups of coffee.

Emily Williams
Helena Tivey

Ashleigh Bexon

Digital Strategist

Meet Ash Bexon, our fabulous Digital Strategist! Ash holds a Bachelor of Business Management with specializations in marketing, tourism, leisure, and event management. Her years of experience in the marketing industry equip her with the expertise to develop innovative strategies for clients.

Ash is a passionate professional who combines analytical acumen with a creative flair to deliver outstanding results. Off the clock, her love for family time outdoors keeps her grounded and inspired. 

Kerry Taft

CRM Specialist

Introducing Kerry, our esteemed CRM Specialist at The Arrow Agency! With a wealth of expertise in all facets of CRM and automation, Kerry is our go-to guru for streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency. Her knack for seamless integrations knows no bounds, as she effortlessly connects disparate systems to drive business success. Kerry is fueled by her passion for witnessing businesses thrive through the elimination of manual tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources for strategic growth.

Beyond her mastery of CRM systems, Kerry’s heart belongs to her furry companions as a dedicated dog lover. This behind-the-scenes passion reflects her commitment to loyalty and companionship, values that resonate in her professional endeavors. Kerry’s unique blend of technical prowess and empathy makes her an invaluable asset to our team, consistently delivering solutions that propel our clients toward success.

Emily Williams

Our Values

Everything we do is in line with our core values of being transpatent, strategic and reliable.


We’re not just here to get incredible results for your business, we want to educate and empower along the way. We believe in transparent quotes, clear reports and being able to justify every activity we recommend.


Our decisions for your business are based on a comprehensive strategy and optimisation is based on data (not what we have time for that week!).


We are committed to providing consistent and trustworthy service, ensuring transparent communication and dependable results every step of the way.