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How will you get me more leads?

What we recommend to get your business results will depend on your industry, stage of business growth and budget. Our approach to lead generation is through paid digital advertising. To see what strategy we would recommend for your business, book in a Discovery Call today.

How much should I spend on marketing?

This is the million dollar question! Unfortunately there is no one answer as every business is at a different stage and has a different revenue and profit margin.

We make ad spend recommendations depending on your goals, conversion rate and what we expect the cost per lead to be in your industry. 

Depending on your industry and location, there are different minimum spends we recommend on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to make sure you will see results. For example, we might recommend you spend $1500 per month on Google Ads (remember that ad spend is what you spend on the ads and is separate to ‘Service Fee’ which is what agencies charge for their services).

Many businesses spend 5-30% of revenue on marketing depending on how aggressively they are trying to grow.

What kind of return on investment can I expect on marketing?

Ultimately, you should see ROI (return on investment) with your marketing; you should receive more back in work than you spend on marketing. This goal will take 1-3 months to achieve so you need to be ready to invest. 

In your Discovery Call we get key metrics from you like average customer value and conversion rate to see whether Digital Advertising will be profitable for your business.

What should I do if I don’t have a marketing budget?

If you are a brand new business or a sole trader and you don’t have a marketing budget to spend just yet, we recommend focusing on actions you can take yourself to grow strong organic foundations like your social media channels, your website and your email list.

What kind of businesses does The Arrow Agency work with?

The Arrow Agency work predominantly with service-based businesses. We work with both professional, residential construction and trade service businesses who are looking to increase their leads. Some of the industries we work with include, patio builders, renovations, plumbing, solar, residential construction, builders, business advisors, aged care, NDIS, real estate, accountants and freight companies.

Is The Arrow Agency a local business?

Yes, The Arrow Agency is a Sunshine Coast-based, independent marketing agency run by locals! Our team is completely Australian based and we don’t outsource work overseas or to other agencies.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term used to describe any marketing or advertising activities that take place online. Some of these activities include SEO (search engine optimisation), email marketing, digital advertising and Google Search Advertising. Many people simply refer to Digital Marketing as Marketing now because so much of the industry is digital.

How do I know which Marketing Agency to pick?

We always recommend choosing an agency that has experience in the type of marketing you are looking to do. For example, we specialise in lead generation for service-based businesses and frequently refer business owners like Ecommerce or Retail Stores to other agencies who will better facilitate their needs. 

When shopping around for agencies it is also good to ask questions about how the company operates like; 

 Do you use overseas freelancers?

Who will be working on my account?

How often will I hear from you?

Will I be locked into a contract?

Why should I work with a Marketing Agency?

Working with a marketing agency has many advantages. Chiefly, you are able to access a team of specialists that would cost a fortune to hire internally. 

If you pick an agency that specialises in your industry, you can also benefit from their years of experience running ads and finding out what does and doesn’t work so you don’t waste any money experimenting. 

It’s also important to consider that your time as a business owner is precious and it’s much more efficient to outsource to specialists when you can.

What’s the best marketing channel to use?

We get this question a lot and this is our answer; “That’s the wrong question!”.

Depending on your industry, budget and brand awareness, you will see varying levels of ROI from different channels. You will also see more success if you are able to be across multiple channels effectively. For example, you will see the conversion rate of your Google Ads increase if you are also running print ads in the local paper as that results in more trust when people are browsing online. 

What is Lead Generation

In marketing, lead generation is the process of creating consumer interest or inquiry into the services of a business. A lead is the contact information of a potential customer that is interested in your services. 

Lead generation is a term used to describe any activity that is intended to acquire more leads for your business. Some examples of lead generation include cold email outreach, google advertising and Facebook Advertising.

Jacqui Gray Marketing Manager, Suncare Community Services Ltd

Five Stars for The Arrow Agency: Exceptional people providing exceptional service.

From the moment I first met Helena and Emily, I knew we were in good hands. Their dedication, expertise, and creativity have truly transformed our marketing efforts, delivering remarkable results for our business within very challenging budget constraints. Arrow took the time to thoroughly understand our industry, target audience, the services we offer, and our talent attraction pathways. In addition to their transparency and regular communication, one of the things I like most about working with Arrow is the marketing insights dashboard which our team could access 24/7. Prioritising transparency and collaboration, Arrow provides us with regular updates, insights, and recommendations to optimise our campaigns. The highly tailored digital marketing strategy Arrow developed for us has delivered significant increase in brand awareness, lead generation, talent attraction, and revenue growth.

I highly recommend The Arrow Agency. If you're looking for a marketing partner that is responsive, transparent, and results-driven, look no further.

Jacqui Gray 9th May 2023